Barnaby Davies

Professional Voice over artist ~ 07986 109688

Barnaby Davies - Voice Over Artist

Entering the voice-over world has been a journey.
A journey of acquiring skills.

As a professional trombonist, Barnaby learned how to breathe correctly. Then, as a roadie for diverse artists such as AC/DC, U2 and Beyoncé, he learned the importance of deadlines. His interest in writing led to his ‘rock n roll’ stories being published in various magazines.

But stories are meant to be told.   

Voice-over was then just around the corner, Oracle Software being his first client. Barnaby also works as a tour manager for various North American tour operators, engaging travelers at tourist sites through vocal variety. Demo guiding videos are here.

Under his ‘Road Adventures Ltd‘ company, Voice Over Artist Barnaby Davies provides the following services: Professional Speaking.

Under his co-founded ‘EastguidesWest‘ company, Barnaby delivers accredited training for tour guides at location worldwide.